Product Transformation

Is the ACBC method to transform a traditional product from standard to more responsible, always aligning:
Reducing the CO2 impact and maximizing the responsible input.

Digital Product Passport

The DPP (Digital Product Passport) containing materials compositions, certifications and supply chain information.

ACBC is developing DPP compliant with European and to specific region regulation.

Collection Transformation

When the improvement scope is applied at a collection level, the impact is greater and has a long-term effect on the organization as the target is to change the standard materials with which components are made.


Analysis of collection according to raw materials

Collection can be analized by raw material, overtaking the transformation of the single shoe. We intend to divide the collection into components, that are made of raw materials. The absolute sum of raw materials can be used to decide where the transformation should start


Company goals

Sustainability mission and responsible targets of the company  have to be taken into  account. The objective of the strategic transformation of collection through raw materials  need to coincide with those ones.


Impact Factors Analysis

For every raw material identified in collection, a careful analysis of the impact factors should be addressed. This data has to be combined with the ones coming from the volumes of the collections, in order to decide the strategy and the priority for the change.


Component Transformation

A careful analysis of the collection is performed in order to create a strategical plan to address the change component by component.
We can think of different criteria for the strategy of releasing new component transformation.


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