Eco Materials

The ACBC Preferred Materials Database offers over 3,800+ industrially tested solutions, fully compliant with sustainability
certification standards. These materials are primed for immediate use in achieving product decarbonization.

SUSTAINABILITY & INNOVATION are the two words that our R&D team have in mind while developing new “responsible” materials with the aim of changing the fashion and footwear industry.

FreeBio™ by ACBC is a family of leather alternative material technologies with responsible inputs derived from recycled polymers, bio-based and mineral fillers. All products of the FreeBio™ family are animal free. In particular, responsible materials are combined with a PU binder to guarantee performance and, most importantly, durability.

Beyondplastic™ is an ACBC trademark of technologies that represents a responsible replacement for traditional fossil plastics. Beyondplastic™ technologies come in soft and hard grades and are applicable to different product categories.

WoolRubber is a material composed of pre-consumer recycled rubber granules mixed with post-consumer recycled wool.

Cork bark harvesting is a sustainable process as it increases the tree’s life span and boosts its CO2 absorption. Natural cork is welded on a fabric cotton base and can be used as a material for shoe uppers, insoles, flip flops, gym carpets, water bottle plugs.

CornBase is a bio-based alternative to leather derived from Corn starch from agricultural waste. Used for production of shoes, bags, backpacks.

JuteFiber grows without the use of fertilizers and pesticides, it’s fully biodegradable and also recyclable. It’s growth relies on natural rainfall rather than irrigation systems and is has a high carbon sink CO2 capacity. We use this for our shoelaces. As well as for manufacturing shopping bags and sandals.

ReFoam is a circular material made of pre consumer recycled foam cut-offs derived from the production of insoles. The recycled foam bits are glued together thanks to virgin PU. This technology aims at creating a 0 waste closed loop.

RePET is derived from post consumer recycled PET bottles. Using recycled polyester means saving a great amount of CO2 Compared to using virgin material and reduces the problem of plastic in landfills and oceans.

ReRubber is derived from recycled pre-consumer factory waste which is collected, grounded and inserted back in a new product to reduce the use of virgin materials.

GrapeBase is a bio-based material derived from pomace, a vegetable raw material composed of the skins, seeds and stalks of the wine grape cluster. Used for production of shoe uppers, heel taps, bags, accessories.

AlgaeFiber is a natural fiber made of kelp algae, one of the fastest growing renewable fibres on earth, and cellulose derived from FSC certified eucalyptus wood. Used for production of lining.

ReCotton is made from pre and post-consumer recycled cotton fibers, the fiber to fiber technology is among all, at the centre of EU sustainable textiles development strategies and helps create a closed loop for fashion’s waste.
Organic Cotton is grown using methods that have a lower impact on the environment compared to standard Cotton. Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture.

Applebase is a vegan alternative to leather made with apple food waste from the Tyrol region in northe of Italy. Apple waste acts as a bio-based filler for the material and reduces the need of traditional fossil materials. Used for  production of shoe details and accessories.


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