Fashion is the 3rd most polluting industry and it accounts for 10% of global CO2 output. This is more than international flights and shipping combined, according to the United Nations Environment Programme. Footwear is the biggest polluter in fashion accounting for 700M tons of CO2 which equals the CO2 of France and Italy. ACBC has transformed more than 1MIL products by reducing the CO2 impact while working on supply chains and R&D of materials.


The ACBC method is a scientific and data driven approach to Sustainability based on internationally recognized certifications.
Data is the key for improvement or reduction actions and makes the communication with the final consumer transparent and easy to understand.


The HOSPITALITY SUSTAINABILITY programme aims to integrate sustainable practices into all aspects of the operations. From responsible sourcing to resource efficiency, waste reduction and local community involvement. Through the ISO 21401:2019 certification, we are committed to providing a superior level of hospitality that respects the environment, promotes the well-being of guests and integrates positively into the communities where hotels are based.


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