ACBC is a recognized multi-awarded
B Corporation, leader in applied sustainability for Fashion and Textile Industries.

Companies supported

Transformed products

tCO2e saved

We provide assistance to brands and their supply chains to reduce their carbon footprints and negative impacts on the environment and to address sustainability regulatory at national and EU level.


ACBC is a catalyst for positive change, delivering tangible and measurable benefits to people and the environment in different industries, with a science-based data driven methodology and aligned with international regulations, global frameworks and standards.


We are leading Luxury, Performance and Mainstream brands and their supply chains in the responsible transformation journey.


We’re proud to partner with food innovators, from renowned companies to sustainable farm-to-table ventures, in their journey towards responsible practices.


Our hospitality sustainability program is built around the ISO, an internationally recognized certification that ensures top-tier sustainability standards for tourist accommodations. 


Corporate Sustainability

  • Manifesto
  • GHG Scope 1, 2, 3
  • Sustainability Report

Product Analysis

  • CO2 – ISO14067
  • LCA – ISO14044 –  PEF

Research & Development

  • Product R&D
  • Materials R&D


  • Product transformation
  • Collection transformation

Eco Production

  • From “made in” to “made how”
  • Certified European Facility


Eco Materials

  • ACBC patented technologies
  • Bio-based and Alternative to Leather
  • Recycled pre and post consumer

Supplier Transformation

  • ACBC Cambridge program
  • Supplier Environmental Certifications

Claims & Labelling

  • Green Claims
  • Green Press Office
  • Digital Product Passport
  • Green Influencer & Digital Activities

Stock Reborn

  • Stock textiles recycling
  • Stock leather recycling
  • Stock plastic recycling

Collaboration Program

  • ACBC co-branding program
  • ABC co-marketing program

ACBC Assessment

“ACBC Assessment” is a pragmatic approach to the enhancement of ethical and sustainable practices for products and companies. The assessment is in line with globally recognized environmental and social certifications and provides tangible data on GHG emissions.



Dragon Tail – Carbon Footprint Analysis snd Decarbonization


Mythos Blushield Volo 3:
the first diadora Marathon shoe made with certified responsible materials

Danone Alpro Milk

Carbon Footprint Analysis of Cappuccino with Alpro Soy milk

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