Garmont Uncharted Debuts at Pitti Uomo 106 with a Focus on Innovation and Responsibility.

Pitti Uomo 106 – Garmont Uncharted makes its debut at Pitti Uomo 106, presenting a project centered on innovation and responsibility in the lifestyle sector. The creative laboratory, where synergies and partnerships are born, aims to promote sustainability, which is the driving force behind all Uncharted projects in collaboration with other brands and those designed, conceived, and developed under the Garmont brand.

“We are proud to present Garmont Uncharted at Pitti Immagine 106. This fair represents an important international platform to share our new projects, both under the Uncharted brand and in collaboration with ACBC. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to showcase our commitment to innovation and sustainability,” explains Andrea Nalesso, CEO of Garmont.

The partnership with ACBC continues with the ACBC x Garmont capsule collection, featuring the iconic Lagom, revamped with a canvas upper and inserts of cork and natural rubber. The collection introduces Element and Ramè, two models designed for everyday use, 100% animal-free and with a reduced CO2 impact.

Element is the first shoe to have a cohesive aesthetic and graphic language between the upper and outsole, thanks to the new NexX4 technology from JV International, also debuting in the lifestyle market. The sole is made from a brand-new transparent liquid polymer that offers superior performance to rubber but with thinner profiles. This results in better performance, lighter weight, and less material consumption. The upper, in continuity with the sole, uses mesh elements with polyurethane and rubber cages to play with colors and transparency.

Ramè, on the other hand, is a model rich in details, materials, and inserts, striking a balance to bring a touch of color to daily life. The upper is made of recycled nylon and polyester with TPU tapes recreating Garmont’s distinctive marks, logo, and band. A notable feature is the Vibram sole with the EcoStep Natural compound, an innovative solution made with over 90% natural ingredients while maintaining the standard of quality, grip, and performance. The unique and original colors of the soles come from 100% natural pigments derived from plants and organic agricultural by-products. The entire process is carried out without the use of solvents or chemicals.

Garmont Uncharted’s debut at Pitti Uomo 106 highlights their dedication to sustainability and innovation. By partnering with ACBC and utilizing advanced technologies and eco-friendly materials, Garmont demonstrates their commitment to creating responsible and stylish footwear for the modern consumer. The ACBC x Garmont collection will be available in Garmont boutiques and online, offering a sustainable choice for fashion-forward individuals.