ERREÀ in partnership with ACBC presents the “Sustainability Manifesto” and the related goals for 2030.

ERREÀ, a leading sportswear company, has drafted its own “Sustainability Manifesto” in collaboration with ACBC, an Italian BCorp and Circular Science Company, a leader in green B2B consulting, design, and responsible product manufacturing.

The “Sustainability Manifesto” represents a formal commitment, primarily developed across five thematic areas:

  1. Reduction of Scope 1 Emissions
  2. Reduction of Scope 2 Emissions
  3. Reduction of Carbon Footprint per Unit Sold
  4. Increase in Responsible Materials
  5. Minimization of Waste

Written by ACBC with the collaboration of ERREÀ management, the document embodies the company’s ethical commitment and mission to pursue responsible business practices and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This unique document not only defines the company’s stance on environmental sustainability but also represents the strategic direction for the entire organization, developing emission reduction interventions that require a comprehensive evaluation of all company operations and their associated greenhouse gas emissions.