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How it works

How it works


Are these your first ACBC?


How was ACBC born and why did we call it that?
We explain it to you in this video.

How does it work

Choose your sole and your skin. Fit the pin and start zipping. For an easy zipping, be careful that the zip protectors do not jam inside the zip pull. Once zipped, close the back flap with its button.

We answer your questions

What are the 8 most frequent questions we receive? Discover them in this video!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the product I am looking for?

Starting from the Home Page, you have two possibilities: - enter the shop and browse, using the search filters to find out what ACBC offers; - to find the product you like, specify one or more terms in your search box. A list of products related to the searched words will appear.

How can I buy the displayed product?

First click on the product you are interested in. This will allow you to see the product sheet, with detailed information about the article. Then, to place an order, click on 'Add to shopping bag'.

How can I buy the products I am interested in?

Buying on ACBC is quick and intuitive: - Click on the product you like most to access the related product sheet with all the relevant information. - To add your selected item to the cart, click on the 'add' button. You will be automatically redirected to the first page of the cart (or 'Shopping Bag'), where you can decide whether to complete the purchase or to continue shopping. - If you decide to continue shopping, you will keep seeing the 'cart' icon and the total value of your selection while browsing. - After shopping, to proceed with the order, click on 'Check out'. Remember that on the first page of the cart you can either change the quantity of the selected items or remove them. - To complete the purchase as a registered user, log in. If you are not onboard yet, proceed and register on our website. - You can complete the purchase even without registration. You will be asked to fill in your shipping and billing addresses. - Next step is choosing between the available payment methods (cash on delivery only for shipments in Italy, credit card, PayPal or bank transfer). ACBC payment methods are completely secure, as credit card data is protected from unauthorized access by encrypted SSL ('Secure Socket Layer') data transfer, which is not accessible to third parties. - Finally, after checking the transaction, ACBC will receive the information about your order. We will send you a thank you message to notify your purchase has been successfully completed.

Is there a limit to how many products I can buy?

Generally, there are no limits, neither for quantity nor for amount. However, ACBC keeps the right to restrict the purchase of some limited series products.

Is the zip waterproof?

Our zip is water resistant thanks to its protective TPU film. While the zip is waterproof, our shoes are not immersion resistant.

Does filling the cart oblige me to purchase?

Not at all. You can do all the tests you want before choosing whether to buy or not, even with a "shopping bag" full of products.

What is the "promotional code" and how does it work?

The 'promotional code' is a discount voucher, provided for you to take advantage of special promotions. We send terms and procedures to obtain the code through our special Newsletters. When you got a code, enter it in the dedicated field on the order conclusion page: the discount will be calculated and displayed automatically.

When does the purchase process end?

After filling the payment form, you will be directed to the purchase confirmation page, where the number and date of your order are displayed. A thank you message in the middle of the page will inform you that the purchase procedure has been completed correctly. Finally, you will receive an e-mail with your order details. If you have not received any communication within 24 hours, please write to

How can I check the status of my shipment?

To check the status of your order, log in and access your Account: clicking on "My orders" you will receive all the information you want. Our customer care staff is always available to provide you with further information.

Are the skins interchangeable with all the soles?

Yes. We guarantee universal interchangeability between all ACBC skins and soles.

Can the zip break while I'm walking?

Absolutely not. The zip used for ACBC footwear has been tested to guarantee a performance over the market standards. Through this "flex test", our shoe has been flexed more than 100,000 times, simulating a stress of a 9 months long sprinter race. At the end of this test the zip and the entire shoe were perfectly intact.

Can the zip jam?

Absolutely not. However, it is not recommended to use ACBC shoes on the sand, as the grains could slip into the zipper teeth.

Can the zip resist running?

Absolutely yes. Our zip has been tested to guarantee a performance over the market standards. Through this "flex test", our shoe has been flexed more than 100,000 times, simulating a stress of a 9 months long sprinter race. At the end of this test the zip and the entire shoe were perfectly intact.

Are there any women's models?

Our footwear design is both for women and men.

Are there problems with odors given by the fact that you always use the same sole?

Absolutely not. ACBC shoes are supplied with standard insoles with a open-cell structure that guarantees excellent ventilation. However, it is advised to change the insole when using the shoe for sports activities.

Why is this shoe Eco-Friendly?

You can use a sole with all the skins you want. When the sole has reached the end of its life cycle, you can reuse your skins with a new sole.

Can I feel the zip with my foot?

No, all skins have internal zip protector to ensure comfort even with bare feet.



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