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Woolflyer Grey


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Thermoregulating and breathable sneaker in Merino wool. Ideal for everyday wear, in the city or on the go.

Made with cutting-edge materials, the result of state-of-the-art technologies, Woolflyer is the sneaker created from the collaboration ACBC X REWOOLUTION.

Both Rewoolution and ACBC are B-Corporation certified companies, sharing the goal of creating a positive impact on people and the environment, working in a responsible and transparent manner.

Unbeatable in terms of comfort, the shoe boasts an AlgaFoam sole, made from algae, as well as a technical fabric upper produced from our ZQRX certified Merino wool that is ethical and sustainable.

Soft and flexible, the sneaker accompanies the movements of the foot, guaranteeing maximum comfort and high performance in everyday life, while traveling or during a walk in nature.

Resistant to wear and water, it is breathable, thermoregulating and odour-resistant.


  • Upper in ZQ WOOL;
  • Outsole in Alga Foam & Recycled Rubber;
  • Insole in Recycled Foam;
  • Lining Recycled Polyester;
  • Laces in Cotton.

Cleaning Instructions

1. Brush off excess dirt with a towel or soft brush.

2. Use a neutral, mild wool detergent, and avoid bleach or heavy duty detergents.

3. Machine washing. Your shoes are machine-washable but you have to follow certain conditions. Put shoes in a linen bag and wash in a washing machine preferably using a washing machine-approved wool cycle. If you don’t have an approved wool cycle, make sure to set the washing machine to use cold water and a wool or delicate cycle.

4. Air dry your shoes. Do not tumble dry your wool shoes.

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