BCORP, ACBC is the first certified footwear firm in Italy.

ACBC, an Italian brand specializing in the design and production of sneakers and sustainable products, is the first Italian footwear company officially certified B Corp. The Milanese start-up therefore joins the vast network of companies whose goal is to spread a business paradigm more evolved and in step with the times and who are actively and concretely committed to sustainability.

ACBC, since its start in November 2017, has pursued a single great goal: to produce green  products. with an innovative approach and produce innovative products with a green approach, with the aim of promoting more conscious consumption and purchasing habits. In fact, the fashion sector has a significant impact on the environment, which is why ACBC carries out continuous research and development aimed primarily at the composition of the materials, respecting three fundamental characteristics: being animal free, bio based and recycled. ACBC also believes in the principle of circularity: the shoes created, once their life cycle is over, can in fact be returned to the company and subsequently converted into shockproof flooring for playgrounds. These are the assumptions that prompted the sneakers brand to commit daily to become the first Italian footwear company to obtain B Corp certification.

The certification process required months of work and constant dedication, also with the support of Nativa, Regenerative Design Company that accelerates the evolution of companies towards a sustainable and regenerative economic paradigm, which has been alongside ACBC in achieving of this important milestone. A company that wants to become B Corp must in fact pass the scrutiny of B Lab, the international non-profit organization that gave rise to the entire movement. Any company seeking certification must demonstrate that it operates within specific standards, with a strong focus on governance, community, people, customers and the environment. ACBC, having passed this rigorous screening, can now officially declare itself "B Corp Certified".

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